1932 Ford Turns 75!
1909-27 Model T
1928-31 Model A
1928-31 Model AA Truck
1928-34 Model A/B Speed
1928-48 Hot Rods (Traditional)
1928-66 Street Rods (Modern)
1932-48 V-8 & 1932-47 Pickup
1948-66 Pickup
1967-79 Pickup
1949-51 Mercs and Fords
1952-56 Mercs and Fords
Kustoms and Suedes

Steel, Stainless Steel and Poly
Tank Sealers and Kits
Gas Caps- Grommets- Tank Senders- Fuel Lines & Pumps


Custom Mallory Ignitions
Stock Flathead Ignition Parts and Cables
Points, Condensers, Rotors, Caps, Gaskets, Bails and Hardware

BRAND NEW Model 94 Style Carburetors (05894-94)

NEW STROMBERG 97 Carbs and Repair Parts
Holley and Ford 94 Parts

NEW Running Boards, Covers, Trim and Hardware 1932-40

Model 94 Carburetors, Repair Kits, Gaskets & Repair Parts

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VINTAGE Hot Rod Wiring Kits
Looking for a do-it-yourself wiring kit that has that old school VINTAGE look?

Our 1928-31 Model A & 1948-1966 Ford Pickup Catalogs

Sacramento Vintage Ford Shop Tour
by Craig Pike over at
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Photos by Mitzi & Company

Pinup Model Athena Amore shown above with a Flathead Powered Model A

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