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1928-48 Hot Rods (Traditional)
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1948-66 Pickup
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1949-51 Mercs and Fords
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Kustoms and Suedes

Autographed Photos of Bo Right Here! Please check back! We only have a few of his autographed Merc Posters left and have SOLD OUT of the remainder of the Ertl Mercurys!

THX Coupe at the Oakland Museum POSTER 9844
. These were a bonus with one of The Rodders Journal and Goodguys Gazette issues several years ago.

Autographed Photos! Paul LeMat (John Milner)

and MORE Photos! Carol TOO!

Autographed photographs from CANDY CLARK (Debbie)

The GRAFFITI COUPE at Vintage back in the day!

Cindy Williams, Darold and Rick Figari's cars at the Sacramento Autorama.

The Ertl GRAFFITI COUPE 1:18 Scale. Very nice detail...We HAD more of these in our warehouse than anyone in the country! -- SOLD OUT.

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