1909-27 Model T
1928-31 Model A
1928-31 Model AA Truck
1928-34 Model A/B Speed
1928-48 Hot Rods (Traditional)
1928-66 Street Rods (Modern)
1932-48 V-8 & 1932-47 Pickup
1948-66 Pickup
1967-79 Pickup
1949-51 Mercs and Fords
1952-56 Mercs and Fords
Kustoms and Suedes

Cloth Wrapped Wire
14-12-10 gauge
Spark Plug Cable too!

All your do-it-yourself wiring needs. Right here in one spot!
Check our other departments for complete wire harnesses, ready to install. Just like the originals.

Cloth Wrapped Wire - 14-12-10 gauge

Ford Style Brass 'Bullet' Terminals & Insulated Black Rubber Covered Connectors

Authentic asphalt coated wire harness loom and the 'modern' split plastic styles.

7mm Cloth Wrapped Copper Core Spark Plug Wire

Cloth covered wire kits for the do-it-yourselfer! Our MOST POPULAR kit!

Brass Spark Plug Wire Ends for the Early Cars! set of 10 and bulk packs in 100's

New Section Coming Soon!

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Our 51st Year serving the Restoration, Truck and Hot Rod Markets!

VINTAGE Hot Rod Wiring Kits
Looking for a do-it-yourself wiring kit that has that old school VINTAGE look?

RIDES - The Complete First Season
Reg $26.95 ON SUPER SALE
$12.50 6 Disc Set!

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